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Are you thinking of starting your own business? One way to keep your money close is to take advantage of leasing your new Nortel Business Phone System, CCTV Equipment or even Network Cabling.

When you are relocating your office, chances are money can be in short supply. One way to save money on costs is to lease your business phone system from DS1 Communications. You can even bundle in “soft costs” like telephone and computer cabling to be included with your phone system lease all on one single invoice!

Now you can lease your new equipment, finance upgrades or add-ons, and even finance an entire project – including hardware, installation and soft costs such as maintenance and voice and data cabling. Graybar Financial Services, a subsidiary of Graybar Electric and Marlin Leasing is a solid financial lender that provides leasing and financing for Norstar Digital phone systems, CCTV systems, telephone and computer cabling (wiring) on our behalf.

DS1 Communications is an authorized vendor approved by Graybar Financial Services and Marlin Leasing to offer leasing for our Norstar Business Phone Systems. We can offer leasing packages for as little as $50 a month for a new Norstar Phone System which will come with either a 1 or 2-year warranty! If you call today, we can usually get an approval within 4 business hours.

There are many advantages to leasing your Norstar Phone System:

a) You free up money to be used for other areas of your business. Leasing offers you tax benefits and allows you to spread the cost over a period of years.

b) Leasing allows you to afford more Norstar equipment!

c) Leasing affords you peace of mind. Remember, we don’t get paid for the Norstar Phone System we install for you until you sign off on the acceptance of the equipment!

d) By Leasing, you can regulate your cash flow more effectively and predict with 100% certainty what your payments will be each month.

e) Tax Benefits for “Technology Upgrades”. Leasing a new Norstar Business Phone System from DS1 Communications would qualify your company for certain tax benefits that would fall under this “technology upgrade” category. Please consult your accountant to see how to qualify.

We offer $1 Buyout Leasing for all our valuable customers. You will simply add $1 to your final payment and you own the equipment! Call us today and we can usually get an approval within 24 hours.

Contact us for more information on how to structure a leasing package that meets your needs and your monthly budget.

We also proudly accept Master Card, Visa and American Express.

Please e-mail us or call us: (954) 427-1121