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Rental Approval:
We at DS1 Communications believe in start-up businesses and we also understand that capital and cash flow is a very important part of a start-up business and its success. So, we have a very easy approval process which is hinged more on the business plan then on the account balance at the bank. We require no personnel guarantees, just your landlord consent in the unlikely event you should have to vacate the premises your business is located in. And we request you sign a minimum 1-year commitment with a month-to-month agreement thereafter. We just want to be a part of your success.

Rental Upfront Costs:
The only upfront cost to you is your installation, which is usually between $400-$650, and the 1st month’s rental. This normally is $60 per telephone if the office you are moving into already has cable in it. Add or delete phones as your business changes, and your payment adjusts accordingly.

Rental Agreement:
DS1 requires a signed lease agreement which you may review by looking at the pdf below. Along with your signed lease, we require a valid credit card so we may bill you on the first of each month.

Rental Start-up and Installations:
In most cases a new rental can take 5 working days and can be quicker if needed. One visit to the site is required. You can have your own wiring installed with a separate contractor if needed or our cabling techs can do it for you for an additional fee per drop. Or, you can do it yourself. We would be glad to help. We can arrange for a complete install if required.

Rental Payment Due:
Rental payments are due on the 1st of each month. Any payments received late will be subject to a 10% late fee.

Rental Maintenance:
All maintenance is included. This means any remote software changes, any software upgrades, any hardware changes, or hardware failures are covered under the rental agreement. Changing the programming is not included. Should you require names, voice mails boxes, etc., to be changed, we will be glad to do so for an hourly fee.

Ongoing Month-to-Month Rental:
After a period of 1 year you can choose to purchase with all of your monthly rental payments credited towards the purchase price or continue on a month-to-month rental.

Rental Conversions:
All rentals can be converted at any time to a purchase or lease with a portion of the rental payment applied towards the purchase.


Click here to download our Equipment Rental Agreement