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VLan-100/VLan-400 Networked Voice Logger



The VLan-100 and the VLan-400 are analog voice loggers with network interface. The VLan-100 provides one channel per unit while the VLan-400 provides four channels per unit. With a powerful host computer and a capable local area network, the system can be easily expanded by simply adding more loggers.

A host computer is required as these loggers do not contain any internal memory for data storage. Instead, data is transferred to the host computer via the network in real time during recording. Real time monitoring is allowed, one channel at a time. User operations (search, play…) and system management are always performed on the host computer with the supplied application program.

The system saves data in Windows WAV format and offers different voice compression options for the user to choose his/her own balance between voice quality and storage requirement. With a big hard drive on the host computer, several months’ worth of data can be easily stored.

Offering superb sound quality and rock solid performance, the VLan system is an ideal solution for various small to medium applications.

Typical Structure Diagram for VLan-400 Systems

The user friendly software features a clean graphical user interface (GUI) and intuitive commands to minimize the learning curve. It can be set up to run on demand or automatically upon windows start-up. Specifications

Type: 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
Sockets: 16 max., supports client and server mode
Setup: HTTP protocol, by browser (IE & Netscape)
File Format: Windows WAV
Compression Options: IMA ADPCM 32 kbps, uLaw 64 kbps, Linear 128 kbps
AGC Range: > 40 dB
Caller ID Supported: FSK & DTMF
Real-time Monitoring: yes
Playback & Monitoring
Speaker: Built-in 1.5 watt (VLan-100) or server providing
Sound Card: Real-time replay via streaming audio driver

Integration Solutions

VLan-Std is a highly cost effective solution for recoding up to 16 analog lines. It includes a Windows application program and one or several VLan-400 loggers, ready to be installed into a host PC of your choice. The user interface is simple yet rich in features, making the system ideal for small to medium companies.

VLan-100SD Voice Logger

Built with cutting edge technologies, the VLAN-100SD is a compact single-channel analog voice logger with network connectivity. It records phone conversations along with other information such as caller ID and date/time of the call. It can also record analog audio from other sources such as microphone (conferences and meetings) and radio (dispatch centers).

Voice recording can be activated with three different methods: off-hook (telephone), VOX (voice activated) and push button (on demand). Files are compressed and saved in standard Windows WAV format for easy sharing.


  1. 1. Power Jack
  2. 2. Microphone (MIC) Jack
  3. 3. MIC Sensitivity Adjustment
  4. 4. Recording Source Selection
  5. 5. RJ-11 Phone Jack
  6. 6. USB Port
  7. 7. Ethernet Jack
  8. 8. Manual Record Button
  9. 9. Reset Button

Based on user preferences, record data can be stored in either the logger’s internal flash memory or an external USB drive. Therefore the system memory can be easily expanded by plugging in a high capacity USB drive. Being able to save data to an external USB drive also means that, when each user uses his/her own USB drive, the logger can be time shared among several users with absolute privacy.

The browser based user interface is feature rich yet intuitive to use. It allows the logger to be accessed with any PC from anywhere at any time for daily operation as well as system management – no application program is required.

Centralized Archiving Storage

When multiple VLAN-100SD loggers are deployed at different locations, it is possible to set up a storage center for archiving purposes. The record data will be stored in each logger’s internal memory first, and then transferred to the storage center later according to user-defined schedules. This way the archiving process is protected against unstable/abnormal network conditions since it is not required to be carried out in real time.


* 2GB internal flash memory, expandable with an external USB drive
* Switchable between microphone and telephone recording
* Multiple activation options: off-hook, VOX or push button
* Audio files compressed and saved in standard Windows WAV format
* Search keys include date, time, length, and incoming/outgoing number
* Browser based system access with password protection
* Search, play and email audio files directly from the browser interface
* Record data can be optionally archived to a central storage according to user defined schedules