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Norstar Phone Systems

phonesystemsSimply review each systems base functionality as described below, and then call our solutions experts to start the process. If you’re unsure which product and platform best suits your needs, just call us and we’ll design the perfect package for you.

Nortel Business Communications Manager (BCM) 50 – 1000 Voice Over IP telephone systems for businesses needing high functionality for their telephone system. Great features, like call center, unified messaging, music on-hold, auto attendant, VoIP, a built-in fax server and more!

Norstar Compact ICS telephone systems for small business. Handling from 4 to 8 incoming lines and 16 to 24 extensions, the Norstar CICS telephone system is by far the most popular and reliable small business telephone system.

Norstar CallPilot voicemail system for use with the Compact ICS and Modular ICS telephone systems. The CallPilot 100 offers 10 to 40 mailboxes, while the CallPilot 150 offers from 32 to 300.

Norstar Modular ICS telephone system for businesses needing a little more growth and functionality. Capable of handling up to 48 lines using PRI, the Modular ICS telephone system is ideal for growing business.

Nortel IP Telephones for use with Norstar & BCM phone systems are a great way to save your business on long distance for remote locations, or allow workers to work from home!

Norstar T-Series telephones for use on the Norstar telephone systems. Affordable multi-line business telephones.  Also compatible with Nortel BCM VOIP Systems

Norstar M-Series telephones are older phones that are now discontinued but still widely used. We have these refurbished to save you even more and for older software release compatibility.

Meridian telephones are feature-rich phones that are highly functional and durable.  For existing Meridian PBX Systems (Opt 11/11 Mini/51/61/81)
Nortel Communication Server Telephone SystemThe Nortel Communication Server 1000 is a server-based, full-featured IP PBX, providing the benefits of a converged network plus advanced applications and over 450 world-class telephony features. It is fully distributed over IP LAN and WAN infrastructure with built-in reliability and survivability.

The Nortel Communication Server 1000 supports business-critical applications, including unified messaging, customer contact center, IVR, wireless VoIP and IP phones.

Some of the key features that the Nortel Communication Server offers are:

  • IP PBX functionality delivered over IP LAN and WAN infrastructures without sacrificing features or high-value business communications applications.
  • Designed to scale to meet growing enterprise requirements: 15,000 IP clients per call server; multiple Call Servers networked with transparent IP networking; single Gatekeeper supports up to 15,000 IP users.
  • Built-in reliability based on VXWorks operating system and proven feature set with multiple resiliency mechanisms, including survivable Call Servers, Signaling Server redundancy configurations and survivable WAN gateways.
  • Extensive desktop portfolio includes IP phones, software phones, 802.11 Wireless VoIP phones, as well as digital and analog phones to meet diverse end-user requirements.
  • Supports business-critical applications, including IP Contact Center, CallPilot unified messaging, and integrated services such as conferencing, one-number-follow-me Personal Call Director, recorded announcement, network-wide attendant and messaging.

Some of the key Nortel Communication Server Benefits are as follows:

  • Exploits the full flexibility of an IP network.
  • Allows for flexible deployment options to meet needs for a mobile and distributed workforce.
  • Organizations can benefit from increased efficiency through distributed services across a common communication network.
  • The Nortel Communication Server provides extensive desktop capabilities, including IP, digital and analog phone support.
  • Telephone system is built on proven, highly available VxWorks OS.
  • Communication Server is a member of Enterprise family of IP Telephony solutions that can be networked with feature transparency to meet the needs of a diverse user and deployment environment.
  BCM 50Release 2.0 BCM 200Release 4.0 BCM 400Release 4.0

# of voice mail ports 10 32 32
# of IP stations 32 90 90
Integrated Voice Response   X X
Target # of Users 3-30 20-30 30-200
Ad Hoc Conferencing Up to 18 Up to 40 Up to 40
Cordless mobility X X X
Integrated frame relay   X X
Intelligent Contact Center X X X
IP/digital mobility X X X
VPN tunnels Up to 10 Up to 16 Up to 16
IP trunks 12 60 60
Integrated DSL X    
# of digital stations 4-44 16-32 32-192
SIP Trunk Support X X X
IP music on hold X X X

Product Model Comparisons:

Norstar: Systems – Compact 3 x 8 Norstar: Systems – Compact ICS Norstar: Systems – Modular ICS
Key Features Reliable, cost effective voice connectivity Optional automated attendant and Calling Line Identification (CLID) Can be used for multi-site networking and centralized voicemail
Scalability Supports up to 8 users Supports up to 24 users Supports up to 224 users
Migration Path Shares components with Norstar Compact ICS Shares components with Norstar Modular ICS Shares components with BCM portfolio (for a long-term convergence strategy)

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